September and October 2024

Fran, Chiara, Maria, Dani, Nina and Luis will be in Portugal from the 1st September until late October.



Community experience

🗓️ Any dates between 1 – 28 September 

📍Naturalma, Oleiros, Portugal


Weekend retreat

🗓️ 20-22 September

📍Naturalma, Oleiros, Portugal


Half-day events

🗓️ 7 & 14 September

⏰ From 2pm into the evening

📍Naturalma, Oleiros, Portugal


We will offer in-person or online individual and group sessions.


If you have any questions, you can write to Catarina (El Juego): +447955878644 or to Michael (Naturalma, logistics): +353831264127.


🗓️ Any dates between 1 – 28 September 

📍Naturalma, Oleiros, Portugal

A community experience with personalised accompaniment.

8 years ago we were born around a fire and a question: “What is the worst of me?”. We started traveling together using the conflicts that arose in everyday life as a source of growth.

We invite you to rediscover yourself through the eyes of others, where every moment is an invitation to grow, learn, and connect in the most authentic way possible. 

1 Month (From 1,670€)

Includes 1 individual session, 3 group sessions, and participation in the 3-day intensive group retreat.


  • Early bird (until 1 August): From 1,670€ (shared room)
  • Regular: From 1,870€ (shared room)

1 Week (From 540€)

Includes 1 individual session and 1 group session. 


  • Early bird (até 1 Agosto): From 540€ (shared room)
  • Regular: From 600€ (shared room)

Customised stay

Chose the number of sessions and days of stay you would like. Contact us to explore different options.

All packages include:

  • Personalised talks, challenges and continued accompaniment in your individual process during your stay.
  •  Accommodation and self-catered food.


🗓️ 20-22 September

⏰ Start on Friday afternoon and finish on Sunday afternoon 

📍Naturalma, Oleiros, Portugal

From 335€

Are you looking for more creativity and purpose in your life?

Would you like to transform conflicts standing in the way of more meaningful relationships?

Are you struggling with stress, anxiety or grief?

In this intensive 3-day retreat with El Juego we will transmit our exploration with radical authenticity, to reimagine our way of thinking, feeling and seeing the world. We will unlock the wisdom hidden in our wounds and rediscover the strength in vulnerability, using the group as a mirror and container of our personal and collective transformation.


  • Opening and Presentation
  • Group sessions using a combination of our methods including tailored interventions  (individual and group)
  • Sharing circles 
  • Meditations and Rituals
  • Closing


🗓️ 7 &14 September

⏰ From 2pm into the evening

📍Naturalma, Oleiros, Portugal 


During Process Circles, we come together to share our daily discomforts and conflicts. It’s not only a sharing circle, we will also play in freestyle, using a mix of our techniques for individual or group interventions.

These circles represent a ritual which we value as a space of intimacy, trust, and depth. An opportunity for the collective to mirror and contain our individual processes.

We put no time limit on the circle. Depending on the number of participants it can take 4-6 hours. We will hold the space for as long as there are people who would like to share!

For more comfort, we invite you to stay the night at Naturalma (35€, including food).


We offer the following options either in-person or online.

📍In-person sessions will be held in Oleiros or Lisbon. 

You can read more about our different techniques (which we call “Doors”) here.

Individual Session (200€)

A deep dive into your inner world. We will accompany you to discover the roots of the blockages or conflicts holding you back, and support you to transform them so that you can make the changes you want in your life. 

We put no time limit on this exploration. However, each session typically lasts between 2-5 hours.


Couple/Family Session (From 120€ per person)

A personalised accompaniment for couples, families or groups of friends. A safe space to explore uncomfortable dynamics, conflicts or challenges. Or simply an opportunity to deepen the trust, communication and authenticity between you.


Group Sessions (Prices available on consultation)

A space for groups/collectives who work, create or live together. From our experience and with our tools, we will accompany you to transform what doesn’t work in your group dynamic, and strengthen what does. 



The events venue

Naturalma is located in its own private valley, ‘Vale da Cerejeiras’ (valley of the cherry trees), an incredibly peaceful place, with 2.2 hectars of rolling hills, trails to explore and a river to bathe in.  


  • 3 Private double rooms
  • 10 Bed dorms
  • 2 Living rooms with a cozy fire stove
  • Well equipped kitchen, perfect to cook for many people
  • 1 shared indoor bathroom with 2 toilets and 2 showers 
  • 2 hot outdoor showers and 2 compost toilets
  • Platform for outdoor dining
  •  Events hall / Yoga Shala 
  • Plenty of space to park your van or pitch your own tent
  • River with waterfall and natural pool 

We look forward to seeing you soon!


+57 314 57 25 442

San Rafael, Antioquia, Colombia