Our doors are open to those who want to come and spend the day on our land and receive a Door, individually or as a couple or family.

In your session, you will be accompanied by one or two representatives of the community. Together you will find the topic that you would like to play with and define which of the Doors would be the most appropriate. The sessions do not have a fixed time limit, but usually last between 2 and 4 hours.

We are also available for sessions outside of the community, in Medellin or when we are travelling. You can find out more about our upcoming tours on our Instagram page @_el_juego_


1 month or more

We invite you to allow the community to both trigger and hold space for your process.

You will share the communal experience: bio-construction, work in the gardens, looking after the animals, and participation in the daily activities of cooking and cleaning.

Includes: a weekly Door, process circles, personalised accompaniment, accommodation, vegetarian food, horse riding and rest days.

During your stay, we will make the most of the processes which come up in daily life. Through the Doors, we will play between challenge and containment to support you in your growth.


Give yourself the gift of time for introspection and deep transformation immersed in nature. In the retreat, we will focus on defining a topic which you want to understand and heal, which we will explore through the Doors.


Includes: one Door, personalised accompaniment, accommodation and vegetarian food


Includes: two Doors, personalised accompaniment, accomodation and vegetarian food


You can also make the most of our methods from wherever you are.

Each session will be with one representative of the community and will have a duration of 1.5 hours on average. We will define a topic to explore and transform through a combination of our methods. We will conclude with concrete steps that you can apply in your daily life.

To go deeper, ask for our cycle of 4 sessions.



A residential programme where 10 “Fellows” will immerse themselves in the culture of radical authenticity that we have cultivated here at El Juego. Over four months, you will share a house on our beautiful land, as a journey in self discovery and transformation.


An online programme to train ourselves in empathy and authenticity, and to question our ways of thinking. It consists in a series of process circles where, through our own vulnerability, we will experience new ways of relating to others.

San Rafael – Antioquia