For the best of everyone and for everyone,
For the best of everything and for everything,
Love and Freedom

We are a multicultural community, passionate about discovering new ways of relating to each other and experiencing life. Drawing from our own experiences, and inspired by scientific knowledge and ancient traditions, we develop innovative methods to change the internal structures that prevent us from living fully.

In the last 6 years we have accompanied groups and individuals from many parts of the world in processes of personal transformation and conflict resolution.


Individual Door (in person or online)

Each Door includes an opening talk to define the topic which you want to explore. Together we will decide the most appropriate Door for your process. If you are unable to visit us as this moment, we also offer online sessions.

Intensive retreat

Give yourself a time for introspection and deep transformation in nature. Together we will define a theme which you want to understand and heal. We will explore it through different Doors.

( Three days – One Door / Seven days – Two Doors )

Immersion course

We invite you to have an immersive experience in community life. You will participate in our daily activities such as cooking, taking care of animals, and bio-construction projects. We will accompany your individual process through the Doors and sharing circles.


We accompany large or small groups. Through our Doors, we focus on conflict resolution and improve team relationships.



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After four years of travelling together, we have achieved one of our greatest dreams: to take root in a fertile piece of land where our projects can continue giving fruits. Today, 30 of us share our beautiful home near San Rafael, in the department of Antioquia, Colombia. The 150 hectares of land which we conserve are abundant in rivers, springs, waterfalls and a huge variety of native flora and fauna. We participate in the reforestation of this land, and practice permaculture and bio-construction techniques.

We met at the end of 2016 at the KIVA in San Agustín, Colombia: an annual gathering of maimas, taitas and mamos (medicine men and women), who come together with the intention of the union of indigenous peoples and world peace.

We are inspired by the hindu idea of Lila (“the game”), which reminds us that life is a thread of stories. By playing we connect with our inner child, and we change the stories so to amaze ourselves once again with the surprises of life. We make the most of our conflicts as bridges towards new ways of relating to one another and we experience healing as a constant and collective process. We receive people from different parts of the world for individual or group sessions.

We also dedicate ourselves to teaching the methods which we develop, and we invite people and organizations from various fields to intertwine knowledge and continue growing together.


We get inspired by various psychotherapy techniques and spiritual traditions, as well as by our daily-life challenges, to create new healing methods, which we call Doors. Through these Doors, we identify and transform the structures and roots of our conflicts, both on an individual and collective level.



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