At El Juego, we see conflict as an invitation to innovate.

With our experience of over 6 years living, dreaming, and creating together, we will accompany you to strengthen what already works in your team, and transform what doesn’t. Our programs are designed to transmit our way of relating and organising ourselves to foster fluid and real communication.

In our experience, productivity and personal responsibility come from a sense of belonging: when each team member identifies their own purpose within the collective purpose. We will invite your team to play with its group dynamics and realise how each individual affects the whole.

We will support you to:


Discover our three basic modalities which can be adapted according to the specific needs of your team.

Group workshop // 1 day

An in-person workshop designed to refresh the group. We will play with a combination of our conflict transformation techniques to cultivate confidence, effective communication and creativity.

Intensive retreat // 2 - 3 days

A deeper exploration of the group dynamic with the focus on current conflicts or improving a particular aspect of relationships in the workplace.

Long-term accompaniment // 3 months minimum

A complete transformation of what it means to work. Enjoy an accompaniment of the collective process over an extensive period, with a flexible combination of group and individual sessions.


For example: 1 year of continued coaching, including 1 day group session (in-person or online) every three months, 1 online session for each team member throughout the year, and 1 monthly video-call for the director/CEO/project leader.


With this modality, you will have the opportunity to explore in depth the organisation’s most complex topics and create creative strategies for your biggest challenges. You will learn concrete tools to improve the communication of the group and maintain the collective direction, within a new organisational paradigm.

For more information, contact us to organise an explorative call.

San Rafael – Antioquia