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Cette année, et pour la troisième fois, nous serons présents au festival Le Rêve de l’Aborigène. Nous réaliserons un atelier chaque après-midi de 13h à 17h. Le reste du temps, vous pourrez nous retrouver sur notre stand. Bienvenue à vous tou.te.s.



As-tu envie de douter de ton regard au monde?
Et de trouver ensemble de nouvelles manières d’intéragir avec l’autre et d’expérimenter la vie ?

Nous t’invitons à découvrir la vie que nous sommes. À travers des méthodes uniques, nous jouerons et voyagerons aux racines des conflits qui affectent notre manière de penser, de sentir et de voir le monde.



Júlia y Stiben estarán en Barcelona.

Si quieres organizar un evento grupal y/o participar a una sesión individual, contactános.

Contact: +34 722 40 83 15 (Júlia)


Más información pronto.


Mas la Calvaria, S/N Calldetenes, 08506 Vic

El Sueño


El Sueño es una de las puertas de la comunidad; es una escenificación teatral que permite decodificar el mensaje que traen los sueños. El soñador tiene la oportunidad de ser protagonista y director de su propio sueño e interactuar con cada personaje.

El Sueño es inspirado en la Terapia Gestalt de Fritz Perls, el Psicodrama de J.L. Moreno y el Teatro Foro de Augusto Boal. 

En el evento, realizaremos el sueño de uno de los participantes (elegido al azar) y el resto va a participar como audiencia.
Cuando termine, haremos un círculo de proceso donde todos podran compartir sus experiencias acerca de el sueño. 

Contact: +34 722 40 83 15 (Júlia)




The Glen of Aherlow, Co. Tipperary, IRELAND



A journey to our roots.

This summer, we invite you to return to the essence.

Our story as a community began around a campfire in the Colombian mountains. A group of travellers from all over the world came together around the question: what is the worst that you bring? For several months, accompanied by the elements, we played with our biggest fears and deepest pain. We discovered the magic of showing what we had always tried so hard to hide. We connected to the experiences of our ancestors: we saw the stories which inhabit us and shape our experience of the world. We found ourselves reflected in the other.
Where do I end and where do you begin? From here, El Juego was born.



1-5 // 8-12

The Hide, near Oleiros, CB, PORTUGAL



Who you ARE in what you DO.

Do you accompany therapeutic, psychological, or psychiatric processes?
Are you looking for something new in your practice?

We invite you to renew your practice by including your experiences, emotions, and sensations in the way you accompany others.

During this 5-day training, we will transmit our exploration with radical authenticity, to reimagine the client-therapist relationship and create innovative spaces for healing. This course will be an opportunity to discover yourself within your professional practice. We offer an unconventional space to reflect and receive feedback on your toughest client relationships to discover together the messages behind these difficulties.  


The Hide, near Oleiros, CB, PORTUGAL


(English with possibilities in French, Spanish and Portuguese)

Do you dare to question your deepest beliefs about yourself and how you see the world?

Are you ready to remember simpler ways of relating to one another?

Using an organic combination of our conflict transformation tools, we will accompany you through an authentic conversation with yourself.

This day event with El Juego is designed to introduce you to our way of relating, intending to empower you to live with greater freedom and cultivate deeper relationships.

Group sessions using an organic combination of our methods (individual and group)

Sharing circles with spontaneous interventions and rituals

From 18.09 to 15.10

The Hide, near Oleiros, CB, PORTUGAL


(English with possibilities in French, Spanish and Portuguese)

Are you looking for a more individual accompaniment? 

Maybe you have a particular conflict in your personal, work or family life that you would like to transform?

Maybe you have lived through a traumatic or difficult experience and need support?

Or maybe you are just curious about how to enjoy your full potential in all aspects of life?

We are offering intensive retreats during our stay at Naturalma with personalised accompaniment and individual sessions in a 3 day or 7 day format.


The Hide, near Oleiros, CB, PORTUGAL



A two-week residency program for Working Nomads and Creatives flirting with life’s madness.

Do you feel your authentic self is tiptoeing through life?
Are you looking for an opportunity to show yourself as you are, with all that you bring? 

Experience community life while you work, in our two-week residency program for working nomads and creatives. Discover how the day-to-day challenges and conflicts of sharing space can be invitations to deep personal transformation and collective growth. 

We will accompany the group on this journey from our own experience and with an organic combination of our methods.

From 18.09 to 15.10

The Hide, near Oleiros, CB, PORTUGAL

Individual or group session

(English or spanish)

Book a Door as an individual:

This is for you if you would like to resolve a conflict that keeps you from living life fully, this Door will allow you to recognise and transform traumatic situations from your life or your ancestors, and so discover new possibilities for experiencing life.

Book a Door as a couple or pair:

This is for you if you have a conflict or would like to explore a dynamic between the two of you.
You will be invited to uncover unconscious projections, express repressed emotions, answer unsatisfied needs and recognise yourselves in each other to bring transformation and harmony.

Come as a group:

As a group we gather to explore together our dynamics and unconscious projections, finding each other through tears, joy and taboos to develop together a more transparent, connected and beautiful way of life.



From 15.10.23 till 14.11.23

(English, German, French and Spanish)

Marius, Audrey and Yaira will be in Berlin.

If you want to organize a group event and/or individual session, click below to contact us.



From 30.09.23 till 2.10.23

Bergen - Casa Sana



Intro talk 

SUNDAY – 3pm

Intro talk ans individual sessions. (English and Spanish)


Individual sessions. (English and Spanish)

From 06.10.23 till 08.10.23



Two-day retreat

Contact: +47 984 85 791 (Sofía - Granvin) +47 472 38 377 (Patrick - Bergen) +57 313 6679048 (Audrey - El Juego)



01-03.11 (French)

La Jagona - Jaun

Nous t’invitons à découvrir la vie que nous sommes. À travers des méthodes uniques, nous jouerons et voyagerons aux racines des conflits qui affectent notre manière de penser, de sentir et de voir le monde.

03-05.11 (German)

La Jagona - Jaun

Wir laden dich ein, das Leben zu entdecken, das wir sind. Wir werden mit unseren inneren Konflikten spielen, welche unser Denken, Fühlen und die Art, wie wir die Welt sehen, beeinflussen.

Michèle +41 79 232 47 83
Kerim +41 79 343 22 86