How is the day life in el Juego? When I arrived in the community, this was one of the most frequent questions that family and friends asked me about my new life in the mountains of San Rafael, Colombia. 

And the truth is that after 5 months here I still don’t know what to answer them. Everyday life in El Juego is written in free verse. We are moved by freedom, spontaneity and the desire to contribute. We usually get up early but we don’t have routines. Sometimes we rest on Mondays and work hard on Sundays. Planting, building, buying groceries, caring for animals and the Earth, and the permanent members of the community accompanying healing processes to the people who visit us. Every day here is different, like before the world turned from Monday to Friday from nine to five in the afternoon. 

And there is something magical about it, that everyday life is flexible and liquid like the emotions that come and go. Each day is an opportunity to listen to each other and contribute wherever the impulses -individual and collective- take us. 

And, at the same time, there is nothing more representative than the everyday to get to know a person, a community, a project. It is with coexistence that trust comes: sharing the same neighborhood, the same town, the same house or workplace. In the day to day we find the essence of life; not in the Christmas holidays nor in the summer ones. 

That is why we are very excited in El Juego to open a window to the world to share our most intimate daily life. 

The Daily Juego is an initiative of monthly videos made of moments of our daily life so that people get to know us from anywhere in the planet. To show a close and real image of who we are, how we laugh and live with each other, and how we work every day to continue making this project grow. 

In the coming weeks we will share the videos of The Daily Juego for the months of October, November and December 2021. 

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