July and August 2024

What is BEYOND?

BEYOND is residential programme to discover yourself within the group.

10 People

2 Months

24 Days of collective play

Lots of process

3 times a week there will be a day of Freestyle Collective Play. Full power.

The rest? We invite you to experiment and take risks in everyday life.

¿What happens if you give space to what you usually repress?

"When we play as a group, a domino effect occurs. There is no more 'your pain' and 'my pain.' We allow ourselves to be touched by the processes of others, and a single self emerges."





During the programme:


UNTIL 21.04

Earlybird interviews during April.

TOTAL PRICE (2 months): 

1,920 EUR / 8,000,000 COP



Interviews during May.

TOTAL PRICE (2 months): 

2,200 EUR / 9,500,000 COP

“Something that left me speechless is the care, skill, and passion of the people who accompany in El Juego. I can’t comprehend it. I’ve never experienced that level of care from anyone before.”

Jeno, Artist

I feel like I can truly speak my mind here, and I don’t have to sugar coat it. I learned to recognize and express my emotions and needs. This place invites you to show your most authentic self.”

Pati, Psychiatrist

“At El Juego, there is support to delve into the deepest parts of ourselves. And to be seen in that place. The only way to heal the pain is to see the pain. It is beautiful, deep, powerful, unifying.”

Zuma, Facilitator and Author

“It’s like an LSD trip but without drugs.”

Facundo, El Juego Co-founder

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

It is not a requirement to speak Spanish. The majority of our community members speak Spanish plus another language. 

There won’t be a fixed daily routine. Each day is different. Three days a week will be a Freestyle Process Circle.

You will organise with the rest of the group to define the daily activities of Casa Lila (cooking, maintaining communal spaces, gardening).

You can explore our territory, either by hiking or riding our beautiful horses.

You will have free time to read, write, draw, paint, sing, play instruments, or do whatever you like the most.

We don’t have fixed rules. We use consensus to make communal decisions and create agreements which we are constantly adjusting and evolving as needed.

In everything that we do, our orientation is a collective intention which has accompanied us since the beginning of the community:

“Por lo mejor de todas y para todas. Por lo mejor de todos y para todos. Por lo mejor de todo y para todo. Amor y Libertad.”

(For the best of everyone and for everyone. For the best of everything and for everything. Love and Freedom.)

This programme has a duration of two months. If you are interested in visiting us for a shorter period of time, get in touch with us to consult our other programs.

You will be living in a rural area, 45 minutes from the town of San Rafael, Antioquia and 3 hours by bus from the city of Medellín.

Do you still have questions?

So do we.

Get in touch by clicking on the WhatsApp icon.

San Rafael – Antioquia, Colombia