We are a community made up of 30 people from different parts of the world, passionate about investigating the human subconscious.

Combining ancestral wisdom with different psychotherapeutic techniques, and experimenting with the conflicts of our daily life, we have developed new healing methods which we call Doors.

For more information about the Doors CLICK HERE.

From July to September, five representatives of the community will be travelling to France, Spain, Italy, Portugal, Holland and England, opening spaces for individual and collective healing.

Jenna, Maeva, Dani, Gioel, and Lea

We offer:

  • Individual sessions. An intimate space for deep introspection and the transformation of internal structures, using our different methods. 
  •  Group sessions of one day. A space for playing with a combination of the Doors, where the collective consciousness permits us to find ourselves in the other.
  • The Four Dimensions event. An exploration of mind, emotions, needs and body to observe and relate from our essence. We offer this event in a two-day or four-day format. Download the proposals here: Four Dimensions 4-day eventFour Dimensions two-day event

We’re flexible to the needs of families, groups of friends or colleagues. 

If you’re interested in organising a session or an event, contact us!

Whatsapp: +57 313 6912004
Email: eljuegoconsciente@gmail.com