February was a month of reunions and celebrations in the community of El Juego.

Julia and Stiven returned from the Tour of Spain and Portugal after 3 months playing and supporting people from all over the Iberian Peninsula: Barcelona, ​​Lisbon, villages in Galicia and Madrid.

July and Aleksa along with the little Moana, Esme and the not so little Mahli returned from their family trip along the coast with brown skin and the feeling of being all together at home again.

We gave Luis as a present some very special glasses for his color blindness -and other normal sunglasses that also got him enthusiastic- so that he can contemplate all the reds and oranges and yellows of the flowers in the garden.

In addition, we received the visit of Michael, Jonas and Verónica -who offered us a fantastic improvisation workshop- and two very sweet couples whom we already miss and wish they would return very soon. Chema and María, on the one hand, a Colombian couple who have lived in Canada for more than two decades; and Carolina and her baby Antonio who also took a vacation from the frenetic city of New York, where Carolina has lived for years.

For us, having people visiting the community from so far away and trusting el Juego in so many different places around the world simultaneously – from Colombia to Spain and Portugal to the United States and Canada – is a true privilege impossible to imagine when this adventure began more than 5 years ago in the Kiva of San Agustín, Colombia.

Many thanks to all the people who continue to make el Juego a reality that is getting bigger and better known all around the world.