El Juego
A Month to Be

An experiential program on conflict transformation, personal growth and healing in the hills of Antioquia, Colombia

Transform transgenerational trauma​

Experience new ways to grow by using your day-to-day conflicts​

Reconnect with a simple and sustainable lifestyle ​

Are you ready to hit the reset button? 

We invite you to reinvent yourself. This program will be an opportunity for you to reconsider your ambitions. Get in touch with past experiences in a safe environment to find closure and discover unique methods of self-development. Our community will be the container for you to experiment new styles of being.

For a month, you will share a house with 10 people of different ages, cultures and backgrounds. You will live in a beautiful land that extends over 390 acres of hills covered by woods, rivers, waterfalls, springs, and native birds. Our house, ‘el Mirador’, has a stunning view into a valley surrounded by tropical forest.

We are a group of thirty people from all over the world. We live together to experiment with the conflicts that emerge in our day-to-day lives as bridges towards new ways of relating to each other. Through our methods, which we call ‘Doors’, we change the inner structures that stand in the way of realising our full potential. Come spend a month of inner-transformation while immersed in nature, in the hills of Antioquia, Colombia.

This is an intensive program offering activities each day: individual and group sessions, walks around the territory, permaculture and special guests each week. It is designed as an individual and collective process, where you will be supported to transform your inner world and create new possibilities for your life.

Each workshop, group dynamic, or circle will be an opportunity to observe and challenge yourself – but the process doesn’t stop there! We invite you to use your daily interactions and experiences in the community to dive into your personal process. Get out of your comfort zone. Learn a new skill. Allow your inner child to take space. Explore your thoughts, emotions, behaviours, needs, body sensations. Just be.


The participants of our most recent program share their experience with our community.

Practical info

Join us for one of the two upcoming editions of this program:

November 2 to 31st, 2022

February 1 to 28th, 2023

Total cost of the program:

1.750€ ($2,000 USD)

The cost of the program includes:

Frequently asked questions:

No, you don’t. We use the experiences and conflicts that emerge in our day-to-day lives to experiment and grow together. You do not need experience with permaculture nor bioconstruction, but you’ll have plenty of opportunities to learn by doing!

It’s not a requirement for you to speak Spanish although it is the most spoken language in the community. This being said, most of us also speak English and French. We also speak and accompany in French, Italian, German and Portuguese. It’s very likely you will have the opportunity to learn some Spanish.

Each day of the month will be different. We value flexibility so we can tailor and personalize your healing journey. You can expect planned activities six days a week, with one day of rest.

You can explore the surroundings (such as going to the river and visiting the waterfalls). You also can enjoy horse riding. You will have free time to pursue any of your favorite interests.

You can check here if you need a Visa to enter Colombia. If you are coming from Europe or North America, you do not need a Visa – you can enter Colombia with a three month tourist pass. All travellers to Colombia must show proof of COVID vaccination (as of March 2022).

We do not have any fixed rules. We use consensus-building to take community decisions and we orient our decisions through our intention:

“Por lo mejor de todas y para todas. Por lo mejor de todos y para todos. Por lo mejor de todo y para todo. Amor y Libertad”

(For the best of everyone and for everyone. For the best of everything and for everything. Love and Freedom)

You will be living in a rural area, a 45-minute ride from the town of San Rafael, Antioquia (three hours away by bus from Medellin).